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Pursuing A Workable Custody And Visitation Arrangement

Custody And Visitation In TennesseeDivorce and separation are undoubtedly stressful. Concerns over the impact of the break-up of the family on your children magnifies the emotional turmoil of these unfortunate events. Involving the right lawyer can go a long way toward making the process easier.

At Attorney Phillip R. Walker, we can guide you through all aspects of child custody, parenting plans and visitation. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of Tennessee family law, especially as it pertains to custody matters. Our goal is to help you achieve a fair and favorable resolution that is in the best interests of you and primarily of your children.

What Does The Law Say?

Parents want clear answers when it comes to custody of children. No one wants to be left out of their children’s lives. While there are no bright line rules or predetermined outcomes, Tennessee law recognizes the importance of both parents’ participation in parenting their children. Tennessee law sets out various factors for determining what custody and visitation arrangement will serve the children’s best interests, including:

  • Each parent’s involvement in the children’s lives
  • The stability and safety of the living situation in each parent’s household
  • Each parent’s willingness to foster a close relationship between the children and the other parent
  • Any special needs of the children and many others

In general, the law favors granting both parents the ability to remain meaningfully involved in parenting their children. The most important thing the courts are to consider is what is in the best interest of the child or children.

Tennessee law includes a requirement that divorcing parents have a detailed parenting plan for their children. If the parents can agree on a parenting plan for their children, a costly and uncertain custody battle can be avoided.

Benefit From Our Tailored Approach

We will walk you through the various types of physical and legal custody arrangements that make sense for your family. Our attorney’s many years of experience assisting families in various custody arrangements and parenting plans gives us the ability to help you create a carefully tailored parenting plan that is compliant with Tennessee law and is best for your family.

Skilled at negotiation, mediation and trial: Custody cases are often best resolved through mediation or other out-of-court methods for arriving at a parenting plan that is best for your children. Our lawyer is well-versed in these options. However, we are also prepared to fight for you and your children at trial, if necessary.

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