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In-Depth Knowledge Of Tennessee Child Support Law

Child Support Law in TennesseeChild support is a major component of parentage, divorce and custody cases involving minor children. It’s natural for a custodial parent to have concerns about providing for their child’s future. It’s equally natural for a noncustodial parent to be concerned that child support is a shared responsibility. A Tennessee child support order can have a drastic impact on the the finances of both parties. Whether you are facing proceedings for an initial determination of child support or modification of an existing order, it is important to work with knowledgeable and experienced child support lawyer.

At the offices of Attorney Phillip R. Walker, we are experienced at handling Tennessee child support cases. Phillip Walker has handled thousands of these cases over the course of his career. As a former contract attorney for the Juvenile Court, Mr. Walker has a unique level of insight into the Tennessee Income Shares Child Support Guidelines that govern these cases. He understands the law and the procedural rules and will provide expert guidance throughout the process. He can help you with your Tennessee child support case, whether your case is simple or complex.

If you are seeking a divorce, have a child born outside of marriage or otherwise anticipate a need for child support assistance, it is essential you find a child support lawyer who will make sure your child support is calculated fairly and accurately.

We can help you with:

  • Establishing or modifying child support.
  • Enforcement of a child support order.
  • Defending against a paternity or child support claim.
  • Establishing paternity.

Tennessee child support is not the only focus of our law firm. We understand how different aspects of family law interact with and affect each other. Your child custody arrangement, for example, may affect how child support is calculated. With an experienced child support lawyer  on your side, you can rest assured that no important issues will be overlooked. Phillip Walker will provide guidance each step along the way and will answer your questions so you will understand the process and the outcome.

When Can You Modify a Tennessee Child Support Order?

A Tennessee child support order can be modified at any time there is a significant variance between the existing support amount and the amount calculated under the current circumstances. A significant variance is a 15% increase or decrease in the amount of child support. 

Relevant changes in circumstances that result in a significant variance include:

  • A parent has an additional child for whom they are legally responsible and are supporting, which wasn’t included on the current order.
  • A parent has a qualified other child who was included before, but who is emancipated or deceased
  • A parent has a significant increase or decrease in income.
  • A parent has become disabled.
  • A change in custody or visitation.

Parentage (Paternity)

Establishing parentage, formerly known as paternity, should not be taken lightly. Establishing parentage has life-long implications for the parent and the child. Support, inheritance and the right to custody and visitation all stem from the establishment of parentage. 

The role of DNA testing in establishing parentage. Development of accurate and inexpensive genetic testing has resulted in a shift in the law of parentage. Previous legal presumptions have been abandoned in favor of establishing true biological parentage. 

In some cases, true parentage can be established years later. With DNA testing, setting aside an incorrectly established parentage order is now less of hurdle to cross than it was but, it is still difficult and expensive. 

Before signing an acknowledgment of paternity or an order establishing parentage, we advise youto have a DNA test through a certified lab. Call the office to discuss how you can take advantage of DNA technology.

Child Support Lawyers Offering a Free Phone Consultation

We invite you to contact our office in Bartlett at 901-387-3000 for a free initial phone consultation. You can also send us an email and expect to receive a prompt reply. Hiring an experienced child support lawyer is worth the cost. Attorney Phillip R. Walker will be your trusted legal partner during the process and will let you know what to expect and will present your case effectively so a correct and just result is achieved. He can help you understand Tennessee child support procedure and explain the law in detail.

Call For A Free Phone Consultation

Choosing the right Tennessee child support lawyer for your legal matter can be difficult.  Many lawyers will not talk with you about your case without scheduling an in office consultation. We take a different approach. We offer a free phone consultation so you can talk with a lawyer about your child support case. We will discuss your situation, answer your basic questions and discuss your options, so you can decide if our firm is right for you before invest your time and money. 

Give us a call at 901-387-3000 or contact us online. We will answer your questions and tell you about our approach to your legal matter.